Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lampshades, Slip Covers and Forgotten Corners

So I have been chugging along trying to make some progress in the living room since my last post. I got the sofa slip-covered and started painting. I also realized I forgot to show you the last corner of the living room. So I figured I should start with that.

We have the TV in one corner of the living room which you could see in this picture.

In the front 2 corners we have the toy box and Aleena's desk.

The toy box is under the window and Aleena's desk is against the shared wall for the foyer.

The last corner is where we have been stashing a bookshelf that holds our movies and some books and it doesn't get much attention.

So things start to accumulate. I am a little embarrassed to show you some of the pictures you will be seeing today but at the same time showing them to you will be good motivation for me to fix it! We have plans for a small table/desk in this corner moving the bookshelf to where the love seat is currently. Just wait- it will be a much better use of space.

We use this lamp all the time since it is the dark corner of the living room. I got it because 1. it has a mercury glass feel and 2. it reminded me of leaves. But I hated really wasn't fond of the shade. I got an email reminding me that Pottery Barn put a whole bunch of stuff on clearance and I saw this.

I loved the texture!! So I figured I would give it a shot. 50% off was a pretty good deal. So we started here.

and ended up here.

The jury is still out. (sorry about the picture quality the camera is giving me fits today!) I think I need to live with it before I decide. I LOVE the shade. LOVE. Just not sure it's right for this lamp. It's definitely better than the other shade though.

The other thing I wanted to show you is our slip-covered couch. I really struggled with the slip cover. Our couch is so weird. The back cushions are sewn on and it was hard to tuck in the extra fabric to make everything smooth. I love the color. It makes the room so much lighter. I just wish I was better at making the slip cover look good. Helpful hints are welcome if you have slipcover experience! I want to preface this photo with a warning.- this is how my house looks right now. The empire dresser I am working on is stuck behind the couch.  Motivation to get moving!

I know it would be nice if the front were ironed. I would like that. I was more worried about getting it ON the couch. It's a starting point at least! The ticking pillows are staying but I am going to switch out some of the other ones now that the couch is nice and light. No hurry on that though. I have a room to finish painting!


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