Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy New Year and a Line-up

Happy New Year!!

This being the first Christmas in 3 years where we haven't moved I thought we would have a nice relaxing holiday and I would be able to kick out numerous projects. Ha. Funny. Not so much. We dealt with lingering issues with the plumbing (as in the plumbing inspector didn't pass everything and the plumber had to come back) and sick kids (they took turns) and having Christmas Dinner here and other various guests- which was the fun part! But it meant I didn't get a lot of other things accomplished.

So my goal is to get a few projects out so we can get this house in better shape (and so I don't drive my husband crazy.)

I did get a little painting done so hopefully I will have a reveal for you soon on this project.

We have had the same dining room set since we were married. Actually it was Matthew's before we were married and it has been fine -but not my style. So my sweet, sweet hubby got me this for Christmas.

How awesome is he?! It came with 3 leaves and I just LOVE the legs. While it is nice in it's current state it's a little banged up and it doesn't match the rest of our furniture so I have some plans for it! It's just been a little too cold to get outside to sand it. I am still in search of some chairs to go with it and we will be selling our current table and chairs. I will let you know when I put it on craigslist.

We also have a very nice solid maple coffee table and end table that were my grandmother's but as we make changes I try to keep the styles consistent so I got a Queen Anne style coffee table from my mom that is in line with the style of the chairs I painted.

Again this is a little beat up so I have plans for it as well!

We also still have this project waiting for some more attention-

There will not be a lack of things for me to do. Also, as I complete some of these projects it will prompt some rearranging and hopefully we get some rooms that are more functional out of the musical furniture. I also thought about sharing some recipes with you if anyone is interested. Let me know!

Hopefully we will be seeing more of each other- Keep me on my toes and make sure I am getting stuff done!


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