Friday, November 30, 2012

A Little Kitchen Decorating

While I should be hauling out the Christmas decorations this week (we will probably do that this weekend) instead I have been slowly trying to put my kitchen back together. I have been taking my time and enjoying the fact that we don't have people coming and going every day. I know I will change things a million times- especially since we are going to leave the upper cabinets on either side of the sink as open shelving. I still feel like I want to get things as close to "just right" as possible on the first try.

I started by rehanging the curtains I made and I love them even more now that they aren't clashing with the blue and yellow. I also started decorating the little shelves on either side of the sink. I literally just threw whatever up there before because I didn't feel like it mattered but I am trying to choose more carefully now that I like to look at my kitchen. This is where I am now-

I want some more red to balance out the aqua. I had had my eye on a little red enamel sign on etsy for a looong time but I waited too long and it sold. I am going to try and find something similar. I will let you know when I find it. I am sure I will find other things to put up there as I go but it is going to be more about finding things I love or that have meaning than just putting stuff up there to fill space. To the right of the sink on the counter is my Christmas present!

I have been wanting an antique scale for ages and I LOVE this one! It's chippy and red. What more could a girl ask for? It's small enough to sit on the counter and not take over but also looks amazing and can useful too! I will take more pictures as the kitchen progresses. I always forget how horrible it is to take pictures in there because the lighting is weird with the window.

On the other side of the sink are my vintage canisters that I purchased I think before we moved in or right after. I have had them for a while but now they look fantastic!

I haven't gotten too far in my kitchen decorating because I wanted to seal the counter tops which took a couple of days. We got our butcher block counter tops from Ikea and typically most people oil them but we had 3 seams and I wanted to make sure we would be water proofed since one of the seams is under the faucet.  I also did one application of stain in golden oak- which just warmed the counter tops up a little bit.

I followed what Traci over at Beneath My Heart did for her counter tops. If you click on that link she will give far greater description than I am giving you. But we used the same products so it should answer any questions you could have! If you go over take a look around at her blog! She and her hubby just did an amazing fireplace makeover among many other things. She has 4 boys and I don't know how she does it! Amazing!

We are slowly making progress! On the list still-

Adding Hardware
Painting the Upper Cabinet Doors
Adding Trim above the Fridge
Painting the Walls
Painting the Trim
Add Cook Book Shelf Under Old Fridge Cabinet
Redo Backsplash (eventually)

There are probably more things I am forgetting but that is quite a bit of work there. Can't wait! Talk to you soon!


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