Monday, November 12, 2012

Renovation Realities and a Name Change

Surprise! We had a little name change around here. I wanted something that suited out lives a little better and was easier to remember. I am thinking a little face lift may follow but with all we have going on these next few weeks that is going on the back burner.

As for our kitchen renovation? Well it's not going as smoothly as I had hoped. We have a mystery leak in our kitchen ceiling. It leaks when no one is running water and the heat is not on. I am baffled. I am thinking it needs to be fixed BEFORE we install our nice new cabinets so that is making me a little anxious. We actually installed a new toilet upstairs thinking that may have been the culprit. Nope. Not it. However, the tank on the new toilet is about half of what the old one was. AND bonus-the new one isn't pink! I am hoping we are going to save some money on our water bill.

 This needs to be a short post as I have much to do. I could go on for ages about what is not exactly going the way it should so far but I figured I would just let some pictures do the talking.

The Before picture...

And the Current mid process pictures...

Aren't you jealous? I can't wait for this to be over!!!!!!


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