Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ready for Sandy...

Of course for me that meant a different kind of preparation than running to the grocery store because I had 2 dressers sitting on my front porch. Hubby is convinced we are going to have to open a furniture store soon. We'll see.

I showed you my rescue from last week.

So a small update for you-I have finished the curved drawer as much as I could.

('Scuse my toes! Taking pictures was difficult since our foyer is jammed with stuff. We did prep for the storm by bringing stuff inside.) On this side of the drawer the veneer was more badly cracked than anywhere else on the drawers. I had to glue some of it just so it wouldn't come off. I was afraid to sand it any further because I didn't want that whole side to come up. Since it's in the curve the color difference isn't as noticeable in person as it is in this picture. I am making progress though! Wood putty and I have bonded(ha!) over this dresser. I don't want to show you too much because I want you all to be pleasantly surprised when I am done!

The other dresser we picked up for just $35 off of craigslist. I have a plan for this one and I can show you what I got done but I am telling you now this is NOT the final reveal. So some befores (or after some sanding actually)-

That one knob would not budge. That is one of the original knobs although I have something else in mind for the final reveal of this dresser. I will show you my midway point.

Not too bad for an afternoon's work. Right? This dresser was in fairly decent shape but (again) it was old and the finish was not in the greatest of condition. I will tell you that this dresser is part of my plan for the babies room. Before it got hauled up the steps I wanted to sand it but I didn't want to leave the wood unprotected. So this paint is Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Grain Sack. The awesome thing about milk paint is that it is layer friendly. So really where I would like to end up is more around here.

This is of course from here. Funniest thing I picked this color without looking at this picture since MMS posted it back in July. How weird that it is almost the identical dresser??? I will not be painting flowers on mine but I was going to put some pretty glass knobs on it. So this is a REALLY good idea of how my dresser will look when it's done! I cannot wait!

The dresser is going on hold for a couple reasons- I have to buy the paint -have to save my pennies BECAUSE our kitchen cabinets are supposed to be ready at the end of next week!! Matthew is hoping to get some time off this week so we can start working on it. this will mean NO KITCHEN until we get the new cabinets installed. Should be interesting to say the least. I see lots of sandwiches and cereal in our future. I cannot wait until I have pictures to show you! 

Everyone on the East Coast stay safe and stay dry. We will catch you later!


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