Monday, October 22, 2012

I Had No Idea...

how much our week would be affected by having Aleena in school 2 days a week. She only goes about 3 hours each day but we are still playing catch up most of the time. Well she didn't have school on Thursday because of an in-service day so I was able to get a couple projects started.

If you are wondering about the kitchen- we still are waiting on the cabinets. I had hoped to start some of the prep work by now since the cabinets are *supposed* to be ready this week but Matthew is covering for someone on vacation and is working without days off for 2 weeks. Not fun. When the other guy gets back Matthew should be able to get off 5 days in a row and we should get the progress in the kitchen moving.

One project that I want to share with you is not one I have finished yet. I am not sure when it will be done but I am really excited about it. I rescued an empire dresser this weekend. It is in pretty sad shape.

The drawers had to come out so we could get it out of the car and since they are a little tricky to get in and out with one of the legs missing (just for now- it's actually sitting on top of the dresser in the picture) I didn't put them back in but here is  a before shot of one.

There is a ton of potential there. I started working on the drawers yesterday. I figured I would sand them to get a smoother surface and then paint them but after the icky old varnish was gone the veneer was still in decent shape and pretty darn lovely.

This one is just sanded.

Then I added the acrylacq.

I am going to show you one more that really shows the grain of the wood. It just has a flash glare on it. Whoops.

I am going to try and finish sanding out the curved drawer today- the hand sander can't really do it so I will get an arm work out today. It's current state is a great example to show the before and after difference.

I am going to have to paint the body of the dresser. I am going to have to fill a lot of cracks and the veneer is just going to come off in a lot of places so I am using Marian's (Miss Mustard Seed) Typewriter Dresser as an inspiration.

Isn't it lovely? I am using her milk paint in the same color so I am excited to see how it tuns out. I am not attempting any decorative painting on my dresser but if I get the urge I guess the option will be open. It's good to have an example of my plan! I will keep you updated!


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