Monday, September 3, 2012

Manufactured in Maine State Prison

Last week I was able to get out of the house for a relaxing afternoon. (Love my Hubby!) It included a quick stop at one of the better thrift stores that I have found since we moved. I picked up a few things including this stool for $6 which I thought would be perfect for the powder room since up to this point there has been nothing for the kids to stand on to wash their hands.

It's really sturdy and I love the legs! Matthew even liked it when I brought it home and his favorite part was that there is a stamp on the bottom that says, " Manufactured in Maine State Prison." I will give the Maine State Prison it's due- They make good furniture but I don't know about anything else!

It's top was a little messed up and it had paint drips on it.

So I sanded and resealed the top using 3 coats of satin Safecoat Acrylacq. That is a low VOC and low Odor sealer that I purchased here and I use for most of my projects. But with this one- no stain- I really liked the wood as it is.

I didn't take out all the imperfections. I like the fact that it is showing a little age and character. I think I should paint the legs though. Just haven't been able to decide on a color. I am open to suggestions!

 Even in it's current state the babies LOVE this stool. They carry it around and sit on it where ever the mood strikes. I am never quite sure where I am going to find it. 

I should have a kitchen update for you this week- we spent a good portion of our Labor Day weekend trying to take down the wallpaper. We found a few surprises and we are almost done. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


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