Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oooh Shiny!

I feel like we are still in recovery mode from last week. We had a birthday party for the twins on Sunday (I need to steal someone's pictures from the party since we have none!) and then the first day of pre-school was on Tuesday. Aleena was unsure on the first day but still humored me in taking a picture even if it was not the happiest of photos.

The next day was the babies actual birthday which involved a trip to Red Robin (of course!) and also some car sickness and a trip to the playground. Thursday brought the 2nd day of pre-school which went much better and we took a picture that morning too since we weren't as rushed.

Saturday was the Fall Festival here in West Reading- which we checked out since it was our first time here for it and yesterday was the babies 2 year check up and all 3 kids got shots because we squeezed Aleena in for a flu shot while we were there.  See why we are in recovery mode?

My sweet hubby was kind enough to watch the kids on Sunday afternoon so I could get some "me-time" which involved a  trip to a consignment shop which was ok but not great and a quick trip to Marshall's which is what this post is really about.

For a long time- even before we moved- I was crushing on some mercury glass lamps. I am not usually into shiny but there is something I just love about mercury glass. Here are some examples.

 This one from Amazon  is on sale right now for $70 down from $150.

Then this one from wayfair I really liked too but it was $158 down from $237. Ouch. Of course my favorite ones were at Pottery Barn.

 I love the burlap shades on these! And while I love the rounded shape I wanted something a little more simple. Plus the fact that these are $200+.

This one is also from Pottery Barn and in it's current state of being shade-less still costs $200.

So being the good DIYer I like to think I am I tried to find a less expensive option. I searched on pinterest and there are several tutorials on how to DIY some fake mercury glass. I was totally up for the challenge. But I couldn't find a lamp that I wanted to try it on. I have been looking in every thrift store I go to without any luck. So when I got to Marshall's and saw this....

Mercury glass, simple lines and burlap shade for $30!!! I knew it had to come home with me. Thankfully the hubby likes it too. It's living in our foyer and replaced this lamp that I got at Target 8 or 9 years ago.

This lamp has a new home in the guest room so I think everything worked out just fine :)

I haven't had time to do much to the kitchen but take the doors off since we've been so busy. We found out the cabinets aren't going to be ready until the last week of October so we have a little more time than we thought.

One step at a time!

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