Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The One Thing I Will NEVER Do To My House

After telling you I was ordering my kitchen cabinets- which after much delay due to measurement issues were apparently just ordered yesterday-I wanted to have something tangible to show you for some progress in the kitchen. Annnd My best friend was almost excited as I was about ordering the cabinets (she has seen my kitchen in person.)  She was going on vacation the day after I ordered them and I thought, I am going to take down the wallpaper while she's gone and she will be so surprised when she gets back! She is an awesome cheering section and since she has 2 little ones she is fully appreciating what I am going through with my kitchen.

 So the wallpaper matched the rest of the kitchen. Yellow and blue stripes. Thankfully only on the sofit (which is only on 3 walls) but still ugly.

This picture also highlights our dire need for some cabinets around the fridge. We will be putting in a cabinet over the fridge and a tall pantry next to it. I CAN'T WAIT! 

Anyways, back to the wallpaper. So after 3 days of working on it for several hours each day, I have made this much progress.

That's it.

So it is safe to say I will NEVER, EVER put wallpaper up in my house.

The wallpaper upstairs (in the guest room) came down so easily- especially compared to this- that I thought this would be easy. It's not. This stuff is vinyl and I have scored, steamed and scraped my way this far. It's like this one piece of wallpaper has 3 layers.  Grrr. So I am asking for all and any wallpaper removal tips you have. Please! I would like to have this down within the next week.

I have a furniture project in the works too. Hopefully I will have the to show you next week. We'll see.


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