Monday, May 6, 2013

Lilacs and Living Room Progress

Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I was fairly busy this weekend trying to get the bigger pieces of the living room in place. Also this weekend our lilacs finally bloomed. They smell SO good. When we bought the house last year the yard was a pretty big mess. Matthew spent a LOT of time last year clearing brush and fighting poison ivy (which resulted in 2 trips to the ER.) We have two lilac bushes but last year the white one was so overgrown with poison ivy that it never flowered.

The white lilac is on the right with just 2 branches which looks funny but it has quite a few blooms. The purple lilac on the left is much bigger but it seems to have fewer blooms this year. This is the view from our back steps. We don't really like staring at our neighbor's wood pile but we don't want to plant anything else back there until we have the poison ivy under control. Sweet Hubs did cut us a few blooms though.

They are brightening up our fireplace mantle.

Since the shiny gold of the fireplace is so distracting, here is a picture of just the mantle.

This is the first time since we moved in that the fireplace mantle is decorated so I love it, plus the lilacs are making the whole living room smell so good!

On the other side of the room we finally have a desk!

I am so happy we finally have a designated desk area! We don't have a  "desk chair." We have the chairs that I refinished that sit right next to the desk so we can turn one and use it whenever we need. If we just need the desk to be a table or a serving area if we have company we just take away the computer and leave the chair facing forward.

We are keeping it real by leaving the cords and paper shredder visible but at least they aren't sitting out in the open which they have been for the 17 months that we have lived here. By visible I mean you would trip on the computer cord walking through the dining room because the cord had to go from the wall over to the table. I am so happy it is tucked away now.

I got the drawer front sanded and stained and got to put on the pretty pull. It makes me smile.

I wanted to show you a picture of at least this half of the room all painted. It's hard to photograph with the way the sun comes in. There really isn't a good time of day to take pictures but I will show you my attempt.

It feels so light and airy in here to me now. We have come a long way in just a few weeks and with minor changes.

If you go back to how it looked when we looked at the house the first time I think we have come an even longer way! Before...

And After...

Yay!!!  All the big pieces are in place so I can start tackling smaller things now like curtains and hanging things on the walls.  I actually think I am fairly close to feeling like it is "done." What do you think?

The fireplace is going to have to stay an eye sore until we can come up with a plan or win the lottery (just kidding.) Anyone have some suggestions?


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