Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How about a Sneak Peek

at the fabric for the living room curtains?

This is the Braemore Henry Ikat in Navy which we purchased from fabric.com. This fabric usually retails for $24.99 a yard. Little bit more than we wanted to spend so when I found it at fabric.com for $18.98 a yard, plus 40% off, plus free shipping  I was willing to take the leap.I don't know how often they run their sales but when you are buying 12 yards of fabric 40% off is the way to go. I figure if we paid full price we would have paid $300. Instead we spent $137 on enough fabric to do four ceiling to floor panels in a room with  9 foot ceilings. 

Some of you are probably scratching your head at my fabric choice because this doesn't look like something I would typically pick. With this room makeover I have been pushing more for the Hubby's input (and he has been offering it more even when I don't want it.) We are putting some money into this makeover and I want it to be a room that we both enjoy. That being said- we have VERY different styles. This fabric was one of the few that we agreed on. When the fabric first came and I saw how big the pattern was I got a little nervous. I finally got around to cutting it up so I could start sewing and I couldn't resist "trying it out."

I had to stand on the chair to get it up there and I could barely reach but with this little preview I fell in LOVE! I cannot wait until I can get these made and hung. Guess I had better get that sewing machine warmed up.

Anyone else working on some big sewing projects?


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