Friday, February 15, 2013

Painting the Night Away

For me it never fails that smack dab in the middle of a project I have doubts. Sometimes they turn out to be valid but either way I have learned that I cannot stop in the middle or I never seem to want to get started again. I spent last night doing quite a bit of painting. Not the walls although I will get there eventually but 4 different tables. We have a LOT of tables going on in our house right now!

I worked on fixing the coffee table legs. Since I used the last of my Grain Sack milk paint I used whatever was leftover to also start painting the legs of our new to us dining room table. (I need to order more!) It felt good to almost finish one project get moving on the next phase of another.

The next table I worked on was the one I showed you in my last post. As much I as I love this table she has given me fits! Mostly her top...

The wobbly legs were a super easy fix. I just had to tighten the bolts on the legs- something I checked before I bought it! The top...sigh. When I went to start to repair the veneer, the job that someone had done previously was keeping me from being able to fix everything. So my next thought was to take the veneer off. Not my first choice by any means!!!

 Ugly right?! But after getting all the loose veneer off the rest of it was surprisingly well attached. So I decided to wood putty just to even everything out and then paint. The wood putty took 3 applications before everything was smooth.

So then what color to paint? Well the walls are going white, the couch is white, the chairs are white. I really wanted to do something different. So I thought I'd try red.

So as I am writing this I am mid-process and beginning to doubt myself! The end project that I am going for would be a nice antiqued finished with big creamy cabbage roses painted on the top (My Mother in Law offered to help me out with that one!)  Doesn't that sound great? Streaky unfinished paint jobs always throw off my vision. Like my other table I was working on-

This was the night table in our guest room.

And I really liked it.  But then I saw this.

Someone had this lovely little table on Craiglist for $25. $25?! I snapped it right up. Look at those legs! Plus a drawer in a night table is always an added bonus. So I put the other table on craigslist. I didn't do anything to it and it's been on craigslist for a couple of weeks. I listed it as a fixer upper and apparently no one was interested. So I thought I would do the fixing myself and re list it. It's going to be a lovely spring green color. I am SOO ready for spring! But again I hit mid-paint job and it made me nervous. But it's great. You should see it. Come back tomorrow because I will post pictures! Also if you live in the Lansdale Area and are interested in my little green table for $30 I will be in Lansdale on Sunday and I can bring with me!

See you tomorrow!

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