Monday, June 25, 2012

Have a seat!

We have had our kitchen table and chairs since I lived in Horsham and they were second hand when I got them. They lived with friends for a while but when we moved back to Lansdale we got them back for our smallish dining room and now here we use them in our kitchen. The table looks great but the chairs were starting to look worn.

I was going to paint them but while they were the same style as our kitchen table I just wasn't in love with them. I figured if I was going to put in the time and effort on painting 4 chairs I wanted it to be chairs I really liked. I found these on craigslist.
4 chairs that also were in need of a little love but they were only $25 for all 4! They have a more cottage-y/farmhouse vibe that I totally love. I did have a few problems with the current paint chipping as I was prepping the chairs to be painted. let's just say whoever painted these first didn't do it right. I have read enough tutorials to know you sand, de-gloss, prime and then paint. Whoever painted these only painted which is why they were chipping. I did the best I could and here is one ready to paint.
I also decided after painting them since they were blindingly white-
That I wanted to use antiquing glaze on them (excuse the pictures I took them inside because it was raining)
I know it doesn't look a whole lot different in this picture, but they aren't as blindingly white and it gave them more of a distressed look. I was really pleased with the transformation. I asked Matthew what he thought and his answer was, "They look old." Which is how they are supposed to look! After the new chairs were all painted I was able to sell the old ones on Craigslist in 1 day for the same price which means my chairs were FREE! The makeover was only the cost of the spray paint which I would have paid to do the old chairs as well.  Sounds good to me!

This post has been a couple weeks in the making. Free time is sparse these days! I hopefully should have an update on the guest room for you soon!


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  1. Can't wait for more little girl videos flitting around in princess attire!
    Was and is one of my favs! Love Granma