Monday, June 4, 2012

Be Our Guest

or you just may want to wait a few weeks because right now our guest room looks like this.

There is one wall of dizzying wallpaper in there. I have actually made a little bit more progress but it is not a super fast moving project for one person. The color scheme that came with this room looked a little like this.
There was initially black carpet in this room too but when we ripped out all the carpet that went away even though it was probably the newest carpet in the whole house. This room really has a sloppy paint job. It's all over the ceiling. Since it's such a bright color I think we are going to have to prime everything- including the ceiling and start fresh.
After shuffling some things around we decided to put this room at the top of our project list so people actually could come to visit and have a place to stay. This room is going to be as DIY as this house gets I think so while we have professionals ripping out our plumbing and cabinets this is something we can totally do ourselves. So we are hoping the wallpaper will come down by tomorrow with both of us working on it tonight and then I can start painting. I promised Matthew I would worry about the paint but I might need a little help with the ceiling. We'll see. We will keep you updated. Remember you are always welcome and right now there is a couch but hopefully in a couple weeks we will have a much nicer space to offer you!


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