Monday, April 9, 2012

Shut the front door!

I have been on a mission to get some projects done around here. And while I haven't been blogging about them (yet) I am hoping to be sharing them with you over the next couple days. The one project I have been working on that has had the biggest before and after(but still in progress) change is one that pertains to the front of our house.

 When we bought our house the front door and all the trim around it was BLUE. The same blue as our kitchen. Let me remind you...

As you can see from the picture above it just kind of all blended in to the front of the house. There was also a ceiling fan for a front porch light. That is not quite as easy as easy to make out and I wish I had another picture to show you how horrible it was but it was one of the very first projects that got tackled. (Thanks Dad!) So I thought I would paint the trim surrounding the door white in an effort to make the door stand out a little better.

I still have to razor a little bit of paint off the glass but here is a better view of how it brightens up our house.

I am going to paint the door...eventually. There is some repair work that needs to be done on some cedar shakes on the side of the house and once that is done all the painted parts of the house will go the same color that I plan on painting the front door. Right now I think we have 3 or 4 different colors going on around the outside. Painting the trim was quite a project in itself so I am in no hurry. If you look closely you can see our pretty pendant light. I think we are moving in the right direction! Here is a quick before and after so you don't have to scroll up and down.

Yay for paint! It is something that doesn't cost a whole lot and make a huge impact!

 I hope you all had a Happy Easter! We had a wonderful day celebrating not only Easter but my birthday and my niece's as well. It was a wonderful day!

Talk to you soon!

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