Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Belated Christmas and New Years.. and oh yeah we moved!

SOOOO much has happened since I last had a chance to write a post. We have officially moved.... and had Christmas and New Years. Oops. I am a little behind in the blog area but we are getting rid of more boxes everyday so there has been progress on the important areas!  I would love to say we are done unpacking by now but with 3 munchkins that take up the a major portion of my time it's a fact that we are not.

I owe you a picture of the floors but they are covered in toys and kids so when I get them picked up a bit I will post a picture. Right now our main focuses have been unpacking and the kitchen.

Now it is a fact that our kitchen is not exactly user friendly. 

We found the blueprints for this Big Blue Monster when we moved in and they were dated 1942.  Maybe it was state of the art in 1942 but now.... not so much. Besides being dishwasher-less there is a radiator under the sink which means no under the sink storage and 2 blind corner cabinets that are VERY hard to get stuff into. So we had a contractor out and just to redo the bottom cabinets was way beyond out budget. Sigh. A lot of that has to do with the fact that more basic things need to be done before something cosmetic (like replacing corroding pipe) so we are going back to the basics it seems. Being able to use water in more than one area at a time is a luxury I had always taken for granted. You literally cannot have water going in more than 1 place at a time. Someone flushes a toilet but you are trying to wash dishes? You get a trickle out of the sink. So we are looking at replacing a lot of pipe but also we think we figured out a way to get the dishwasher in without losing too much of what very little storage we have. There will be a lot of painting in our future. I can live with a poorly designed kitchen but the blue hurts my eyes.  So we will keep you updated. Mostly we are trying to finish unpacking and then the kitchen is going to be my focus. Lucky for me the great people at this blog Just finished painting their cabinets and did their homework so I don't have to. So I will try to post more and now that we have fewer boxes it should be happening a little more often. We are looking forward to having visitors soon... almost done unpacking promise and then we would love for everyone to come visit!!!

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  1. Hi Rosemary! Good to hear from you!! Congratulations and happy new year! It is nice to know how to pray for you:). Wow, you have had your probs! No home inspect?? Well, I must say. I do like the yellow! I would try to focus on that for the time being and how exciting when the cabinets get painted!
    We moved into both of our homes over holidays too! You wouldn't believe the condition of the one you remember. Too gross!!