Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Official

We are HOME OWNERS! This has been an exhausting couple of months but I am proud to say we did it! Now we are going to have a different kind of stress but for some reason this kind doesn't bother me as much. So anyway here is our house....

We like so many things about this house. It has a lot of character- old houses are like that. It's not perfect. I look around and see projects. I have to remember we can only take it one step at a time! Our first project that we decided to tackle was removing the carpet from the downstairs. Having the opportunity of no furniture to worry about really doesn't happen after you move in so now is the time! The rug is not a color we would choose and more importantly was really gross (trust me on this one!)- so it had to go!! We knew that there were hardwood floors underneath but had no idea what kind of shape they were in. Here is a before picture.

and the same corner after the carpet was removed....

I feel like there should be sounds effects here. Something not good. Because the original carpet padding, from who knows when, is stuck to the floor. Looks like it melted. Which means it's not coming up in our time frame or budget which means we are putting carpet back in. I have to say I am bummed! The other disappointing thing is that is also stuck to the original fireplace hearth so we can't use that either. Bummer again. The good news?  The foyer- ('scuse the vacuum cleaner handle)

...was not as bad as the living room and dining room! 

So I may get some hardwood after all!! While this would be a project that I would love to tackle, it's one of the ones that having 3 small kids and not a lot of time doesn't really allow me to do so we are waiting on estimates so see what the plan is.  So that is where we stand right now. We have only owned the house for almost 2 days so I think we are making progress at least. It's exciting :)

I did want to share a cute kid story with you since I am already typing. As you already know Aleena is stinkin' adorable and smart. But she learns so much everyday it's fantastic. Last week she started to pretend she is a puppy. She pants and barks and it's adorable. Today out of the blue she came over and licked my face. I was a little freaked out I mean really??? Why is my kid licking my face?! Until I realized she was being a puppy and she was just doing what all cute puppies do when they love you. See?? adorable and smart. Love that girl!

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  1. Your home is gorgeous!! Love the does have character and is charming, Rosemary!