Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Long time, no blog post!

Whoops. Over a month? I am going to have to blame this one on holiday craziness! Guess we have some catching up to do!

 We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. I got to host and cook which wasn't the original plan but Sweet Hubby's sister and her husband drove to spend the weekend with us and we had a great time. We even got to go thrifting since they were looking for ugly Christmas sweaters and I am pretty sure a marvelous time was had by all. Since I was busying cooking for nine people my Mom was smart enough to grab this quick picture of our table setting.

I just tried to keep it simple with burlap runners and white dishes. The centerpiece is cranberries in water with a floating candle and a bundle of greenery I picked up at the grocery store for six dollars. I stood in the floral section of the grocery store debating (slightly dead) centerpieces that started at $25 and instead spent eight dollars and used a lantern and candle I already owned and loved it so much more! I also folded the napkins so it held the silverware and we felt a little fancy. I have been making some changes in the dining room that hopefully I will get to post about soon!

Did having a weeks less between Thanksgiving and Christmas throw anyone else off this year? I was so behind that I didn't order my Christmas cards until December 18th and I didn't get our outside lights up until the 22nd. Speaking of Christmas cards....

I totally see the kids personalities in this picture. I love it. Not too surprising since they are my kids.

Since I posted last we hit the two year mark in this house. The project list is still miles long but we have decided to try and tackle some outside projects this year. We have some cedar shakes that are rotting and falling off the house that we have ignored for two years. It' not something we can put off any longer and shouldn't be a super expensive project but is one that is greatly needed. This will probably lead to some painting of other outside areas of the house and the landscaping -or lack thereof unless you like overgrown bushes- needs some serious attention. Even just removing the half dead trees and bushes would be a huge improvement. Of course I will be tackling inside stuff as well and I already have some things I would love to share. I am going to try and post weekly. (We will see how it goes.) I look forward to sharing this year with all of you!

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