Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Story of the Ugliest Dresser I Have Ever Seen

So I wanted my next post to be an update on my two drawer dresser but I made the mistake of moving it up to our bedroom. The reason that is a mistake is because our bedroom is kind of a black hole. Things disappear in there never to be seen again. The problem (this time) is that, until the sweet hubs has a spare 15 minutes to help me move out the old dresser I can't really get a picture of the new one. Hopefully I will be able to do that soon because I have a total crush on my little 2 drawer dresser.

I told you last time about giving up on the empire dresser. I have been on the hunt for something ever since. I have found a lot of amazing things. Most of them were over my $60 max budget or too big or both. I saw an ad on craigslist last week about a set of dressers that this woman was trying to sell and she was willing to split them up.

Just looking at the pictures I thought it was probably just a bad whitewash job.

I was SO very wrong! Somewhere along the way it was painted white. Then someone took gold paint and streaked it over the white. Seriously horrible. The look on the hubs face was priceless. He could not believe I was going to bring it home. For $45 I liked the shape of the piece (something I can't change) and just the paint job was awful (something I can change.)

I originally wanted to refinish it and leave it a nice natural wood finish but when I got home I saw this.

Darn crazy paint paint job tricked my eye! I figured with such a large piece of veneer missing that I was going to have to paint it. I (of course) wanted to have the top refinished at least so that became the plan. I tried sanding. Didn't work. It took off the gold but not the white. The dresser has a curved edge I couldn't use the sander on anyway so I pulled out the paint stripper. That barely took it off but I finally got a pretty good clean surface. I used dark walnut stain on the top and Miss Mustard Seed's Artissimo Milk paint on the rest.

Here she is!

 I switched out the knobs for a set of 6 vintage brass pulls I found on etsy for $12. With shipping that brought my total to my original $60 budget.  I think I may develop a crush on this dresser too.  What do you think?

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