Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Living Room Progress and Fabric Storage

I am not sure how it seems that we are even busier now that we aren't driving Aleena to school 2 days a week but I feel like I have lost time in the last couple of weeks.

As usual I am in the middle of several projects.  I have the blue kitchen cabinet doors ready to be painted so we can get them rehung, I started curtains for our stair landing to the upstairs, the living room curtains are almost  halfway done and I finally found something that will work for some fabric storage in my sewing room and I started painting it yesterday.

I have big dreams for my sewing room. Here is one of my inspiration pictures.

I really wanted to find something like that blue cabinet. I have been looking for over a year. The ones I found were either too expensive or I was too late or it just didn't work out. Then I started to realize that not only do we have to carry whatever I find up our awkward stairs but also through our crazy narrow bathroom. That narrowed my choices significantly.

I found this bookcase on craigslist for $50.

It doesn't have the glass sides like my dream cabinet but I think that might be better (less chances of breaking the glass.) It's is fairly small. It's 4ft tall and 30 inches wide and it has some fun details.

I got this from a sweet older couple that actually lived right behind where the hubs works. She was telling me how she would wax it and that she thought that was all it needed. I considered it. My sewing room is all wood and at some point I will get around to painting it white. Then it would be nice to have a wood piece in there. But then I got it home in the bright unforgiving sunlight.

I realized it was a bit more beat up than she probably realized. There are some pretty deep scratches in the sides. But I am ok with that because I don't feel as guilty for painting it now. I can't wait to show you the afters- once I get there!

I thought today would be a good day to give you a curtain preview. I have finished two panels out of four!

I love Love LOVE the way they look! I really wanted to move the curtain rods up so they hung from ceiling to floor. I don't think that is going to happen for two reasons. 1. Our plaster walls are in sad shape and I am not sure they are up for holding that much weight. 2. The crown molding that frames the bump out for the  fireplace is right where the curtain rod would go. So I guess they are staying where they are. I haven't hemmed them yet so if I can figure out how to hang them a little higher I will be very excited. I know that the tiers are still up from the old curtains. I don't mind how they look and the fact that they give us privacy but still let the light in is why I put them up in here in the first place. I am thinking we may have to live with it for a while and see how we feel. The blinds are kind of ugly so I am trying to figure out what to do with them. Suggestions? That is the only thing I miss about the old curtains- they hid the blinds.

I am off to try and make some progress in at least one project this afternoon. Hopefully I have some finished curtains to show you soon! Anyone else feel like they are drowning in projects?

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