Monday, March 18, 2013

Setting Goals

We have been LOVING the changes we made in the living room!!

It was a simple change but our living room definitely feels more cozy and deliberate. I know deliberate may seem like an odd word choice but it is the most accurate one I can think of and it actually inspired this blog post.

It has been all too easy for the 15 months that we have lived in this house to live with everything where it got thrown when we moved in. We had to make quick choices while the movers were here and things have just stayed that way. I think that our frequent moves since we have been married is partially to blame for that mindset. But it is time to change that.We aren't going anywhere for a while and we have a lot of people who still haven't seen our house- one of them being my MIL who will be coming to visit in June. Trust me she puts no pressure on us to have the perfect place for her to stay but we want to give her a nice place! So I am going to be setting weekly goals for myself of things to accomplish so that MAYBE by the end of June this house will be at least a fraction of what we dreamed it could be when we bought it.

This week's goals are to finish painting the living room and the new-to-us dining room table. I also need to get the old table and chairs on Craiglist. That may not seem like a long list and even to me it's not- but getting that done while wrangling my three little angels makes that list a realistic and not over-ambitious one. If I am kicking out more projects it is more I can share with you- Right?

1st Misson is to finish painting the dining room table.

Off to do that now!!!! Wait until you see it! It's looking awesome!


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