Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Moving Mountains

I am re-starting our family blog with a more appropriate name and giving us a fresh start- since we are going to be moving in a month! Since the house is not officially ours just yet, I am not going to post a bunch of stuff about it but come December 7th be prepared for a tidal wave of pictures and information... well probably not ON the 7th but soon after!   
Our little family of five is so excited about the move! Mostly we are excited to finally have a place to settle after a few crazy years. In addition to giving you house updates as we do work on the house I will try and keep up the cute kid updates.We will be trying to tackle as much of the work as we can ourselves but there will be things I will be happy to have help with or have others do since being a  full-time Mom to 3 small kids is not conducive to getting some projects done. (nap times only last so long!!)
I just wanted to prepare for what was coming but we are so excited and look forward to sharing "The Best of Our Five" with you!

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